Top  reasons why there are many upcoming Kenyan artistes

Top reasons why there are many upcoming Kenyan artistes

Wednesday, 02 August 2017

They say that music is to the soul what words are to the mind. For someone to become a musical artiste, passion must be one of the driving forces that entice one to the world of music.

Of late we have witnessed the rise in many musicians, leading us to ask what has prompted this; has it become easier to become an artiste?


Here are some of the reasons that may be contributing to this:

1. Self-employment

Scarcity of jobs may be one of the contributors that may be leading to this and therefore any person that has an ability to do music is trying the field to create their own employment. Despite the fact that many people like being their own boss and doing what makes them happy.

2. Market

Kenyans like to be entertained especially with music. They are best known to be fans of all kind of music that’s why international artistes like Busy Signal, Chris Brown and others are interested to visit. This therefore means that there is market attracting many people to join.

3. Money 


Where there is market, it means there is money. From making money online all the way to doing live stage performances; cash is made and for sure art pays.

4. Celebrity Status

Sometimes becoming a celeb is not guaranteed but some people like it. This is the fastest way to gain fame, and many have proven this right.

5. Education


While some may feel that attaining an education isn’t important, but it isn’t so. Having an education helps as one is able to identify their talent that propels them towards the field.

Do you agree?



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